Two close friends undergo a stressful change, told in 103 words.  This story was published in the on-line magazine 10x10x10 on May 26, 2008.  Scroll down to see how much can change in 103 words.



Rose died the other night. Charlie was distraught, morose. They were two souls who belonged to each other, sharing their lives for many years, celebrating the high times and enduring the low times together. They would unabashedly cuddle in public and chatter and quarrel, too. They would share every meal, and groom pinfeathers from each other’s head. Charlie can share solace with his neighbor pal, Carl, but life won’t be the same without Rose. They often would raise their voices together in intricate duets of counterpoint rhythms and fugue-like melodies. But no more. Charlie still sings, but now his songs are soliloquies.


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