Taylor Was A Sailor

Amazing things happen to some people.  Some of them make life seem like non-stop fun.  Maybe that’s the secret.

Taylor Was A Sailor was published in the on-line magazine The Fractured Publisher in August, 2008. Just scroll on down.


     Taylor was a Sailor

Years ago lived a young man named Taylor
With a day job of being a sailor.
He’d go out in his boat
And sea monsters he’d smote.
At least that’s how he told of it later.

Many damsels he charmed with his tales.
Many friendships he made buying ales.
He became so renown
That the King came to town
To hear Taylor tell tales of mean whales.

Our man Taylor had many a story
About fighting big monsters all gory.
Well, the king thought them neat
And said one should compete
For the kingdom’s best fictional story.

So then Taylor cooked up a great long one
About mermaids and monsters and mayhem.
All the judges just loved it
And they all voted for it.
That’s how Taylor became the new champion.

Famous Taylor’s a sailor no more.
He just looks at the sea from the shore.
He’s a landlubber now
But he loves it (and how!)
For he’s wealthy from writing his lore.


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