Fireworks Cabbage

EPKidCabFireworks Cabbage is guaranteed to dazzle the eyes and sparkle the taste buds. It is sliced green cabbage with a stir-fried flavor powered by ginger, garlic, and dried red chili peppers(!). It is at the heart of a story that took place at a dinner party that Suzie and I hosted. We introduced the dish to my old friend and college roommate, Steve, who is from El Paso. He definitely got his taste buds sparkled. Read how he fared, and learn how to sparkle your own taste buds (the recipe and cooking instructions are in the story) by going to the Stories About Friends section and checking out The El Paso Kid.

A dish of Fireworks Cabbage is shown in the photo above.   It’s more than tasty.

This website is about my published stories. As you can see, I have sorted them into three groups: Stories About Friends, Stories Just for Fun, and Stories of Life and Love. These stories are the building blocks of the site. So I guess that means that right now this site is under construction. Ideally, it will always be under construction, because I will be adding stories from time to time. So come back to visit every so often and check out my building skills.



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