World View?

Like all of you I have shared my life with many animals. Some of them have been uninvited and unwanted (flies, mosquitoes, rats!) and some have been uninvited but wanted (butterflies, squirrels, birds – except over my car). And then there were those that were both invited and wanted. These were pets. Pets learn the rhythms of the household and the behaviors expected of them. They become so integrated into our lives that we seldom consider that they may view the world differently than we do or (omg!) have opinions. I have posted a story about a pet who surprised his family when his view of the world changed. It is titled “Our Choices” and is located in the “Stories Of Life and Love” section.

While you’re here, enjoy a gander at the water lily above.  Most varieties require at least six hours of direct sun each day in order to bloom.  That’s why you see them mostly in the sunniest parts of ponds.

This website is about my published stories. As you can see, I have sorted them into three groups: Stories about friends, Stories just for fun, and Stories of life and love. These stories are the building blocks of the site. So I guess that means that right now this site is under construction. Ideally, it will always be under construction, because I will be adding stories from time to time. So come back to visit every so often and check out my building skills.


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