Could have been?

It’s the back-to-school time of year.   Students of all ages are excited by the anticipation of having new experiences and of seeing old friends. For those of us beyond our school days, this time of year may beckon us to remember the friends we had then. If you are like me, you sometimes wonder how some relationships might have turned out differently: if only I had said this or if only I had done that. Would the paths of our lives been more entwined? Would they have led to different places? Would I be happier?

The people in the story “Delayed Awakening” probably wondered the same thing. Did they say enough to each other?  Too much?  You might see yourself in one of them.  You can find the story under the “Stories of Life and Love” section.  Linger a while.

Those rosy beauties in the header are plumeria. We associate them with Hawaii and leis and heavenly scent. They certainly are all of that. Their origin, however, is tropical America. Their popularity has caused them to be grown around the world. The different species and cultivars have different bloom color, bloom fragrance, and leaf shape. They can be grown in pots from cuttings. That’s how I grow mine.

This website is about my published stories. As you can see, I have sorted them into three groups: Stories about friends, Stories just for fun, and Stories of life and love. These stories are the building blocks of the site. So I guess that means that right now this site is under construction. Ideally, it will always be under construction, because I will be adding stories from time to time. So come back to visit every so often and check out my building skills.


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