For Real?

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and many of us are thinking of turkey. But what about the rest of the year when we eat more chicken than turkey? Do we think about the chicken? Probably not. And if we do, we are probably thinking about how it tastes. However, chickens (and turkeys) are more than mere taste packets. They are multi-dimensional creatures. They have feelings, maybe even opinions. Because they are social animals, they may even have social ambitions. To fulfill their social ambitions, they may adopt a public persona different from their private persona. So, perhaps like some people you know, they may not be what/whom they seem to be. On the other hand, maybe they are.  You might be able to tell by how they meet a challenge.

Red was a new rooster in the neighborhood and was trying to settle in with the locals. He impressed some, but not others. They couldn’t all agree if he really was as he seemed. Then a serious challenge arose. Read about Red and his challenge  in the “Stories Just For Fun” category. His story is “How Big Red Got His Name.”

The cluster of blooms shown above is white ginger. This ginger is not to eat. It is to carry you to another plane of existence. One sniff and you will think you have arrived in Heaven. This is a tropical plant but will grow and bloom even in California if it’s located in a place that’s not too dry.

This website is about my published stories. As you can see, I have sorted them into three groups: Stories about friends, Stories just for fun, and Stories of life and love. These stories are the building blocks of the site. So I guess that means that right now this site is under construction. Ideally, it will always be under construction, because I will be adding stories from time to time. So come back to visit every so often and check out my building skills.


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